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Mike Trienis

All about data product and services that scale; from design to implementation

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Stream processing

I am very interested in quite a few of the up and coming stream processing technologies, namely,

These set of tools provide curious trade-offs between correctness, cost and latency. I am particularly excited to see how low latency stream processing can be applied in new and exciting ways in the industry.

Metrics, monitoring and alerting

Applying stream processing to metrics, monitoring and alerting is an area that I’ve focused on more recently. Specifically, time series data sets that include aggregations.

InfluxDB and Promthesis are some other (non-streaming) promising technologies aimed at solving tough problems in the area of collecting, storing and analyzing metrics.

Cloud computing

I am also keeping a keen eye on stream processing technogologies implemented in the cloud. In particular,

If you’re research interests line up with any of the topics above, feel free to reach out to me. I’m more than happy to discuss ideas, problems and solutions!