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Python concepts for interviews

Preparing for a technical interview with Python means that you should have a decent understanding of the following concepts.

Python closures and late binding

An example of a closure is when a function depends on a variable outside it’s scope. A more specific definition from Stack Overflow Post states:

Data pipeline and stream processing

A data pipeline is method for shipping data efficiently to various services throughout your system. It also provides a framework that supports stream process...

Python decorate pattern explained

A decorate pattern is simply a wrapper that is used to extend the behavior of a function without actually modifying the function.

Java singleton pattern

The singleton pattern ensures that only one instance of an object can be instantiated. The code snippet (from tutorialspoint) below is an example of a single...

C++ virtual functions

Virtual methods allow the subclass methods to be called even if the pointer is of type base class. The code snippet is taken from Stack Overflow:

Launching apache spark using supervisord

Apache Spark comes bundled with several launch scripts to start the master and worker processes. We can launch a master and two workers processes by executing